Poetry, music, movies, design, lay-out, graphics and expressionist paintings are a big source of inspiration for me, since these were always a big part of my life… thanks to these forms of free expression I started painting.

Next to that I enjoy small visual and auditive input … things of beauty, not necessarily those which get lots of media attention, and these things will later end up being part of my artwork. I strive to incorporate simplicity and pure lifeforms in my work, and in the matter of course end up with the natural elements.. ‘From sprig to twig, from tree to leaf’.. from these simple things I built my works, taking into account the aspects of ‘movement, rhythm, esthetics and and the play of colours.’

P1090974 300dpi

When it comes to materials oil paints, matter, natural elements and paste go hand in hand. When you want to describe the discipline you could say that my works are somewhere between 3d sculptures and oil paintings.

You could say that I am recycling nature, so that it gets reborn in a new way, in a total different context. Next to that my past as a graphical artist will always shine through, en working with words and images is never far off. You’ll find many of these ingredients recurring in my works.

I would like to state the following: “My compositions are like illusions, words branded on canvas, paint and canvas as a metaphorfor that which I cannot always put into words.” For this the fully unique and pure form of expression and simplicity is very important.

In these last years I have been working within this framework on several series which I labeled ‘Abstract expressives and/or Organic paintings’. Within this theme I am working on series of smaller and bigger works, which are strongly interlaced with graphical components, and are rooted in nature.

What I also enjoy is the challenge to work with an existing interior, and to make spontaneous artworks, inspired by the interior, made to fit. Because of the play between interior and artwork basic colour schemes and forms fall into place, to get to a perfect synergy between space and art.