Hello, ……. My name is Ben Nys, painter & graphical artist, born in Leuven, Belgium at October 16, 1970. I’ve been active for about 30 years in the world of art and graphical design, of which I’ve spent the starting years mainly in the Graphical design world, which I combined with painting techniques over the last 20 years or so.

Already in my early childhood I was fascinated by pure art and expressionist forms as images, sounds & words. A combination of these I found back in poetry, music, film, design, lay-out and paintings. Central in everything was my passion to communicate, not only with words, but to let the images speak for themselves.

Later I explored many graphical techniques within my lay-outs, esthetics and graphical design. Once graduated my focus was on free graphical designs, which resulted in several projects and works for commercial bureaus, after which I started to focus on painting.

Around 2001 a great opportunity arose when we managed to buy an old barn in Sint Amands, which had served as bar and social meeting place for years, and we built further on the cozy social aspect of this place to start our own art house, Oog’n’Blik Arthouse was born…
This place was perfect to further enhance my works with works from other artists, feeding and inspiring each other, and complementing each others works, a great synergy was happening.
This turned out to be the perfect place for us to work, live and experience further horizons.

It turned out that within my own creations my own and pure expressionism was the most important aspect. I started out using just paint and brushes, but evolved to organic arts, adding touches of nature, anything that I encountered in my walks that fascinated me might end up in the canvasses. My works start out with nature, and by adding and exploring different dimensions and materials I come to unique, natural creations. In short now I present my works as oil painting compositions containing graphical and organic components.

Within this concept I made many series of paintings which I describe as ‘abstract expressive’  and/or ‘Organic paintings’. I thus made many smaller and bigger works in which graphical design is still apparent, which are comparable with the Cobra approach.

These last years I like to be inspired by existing interiors .. I’m fascinated by the fact that the artwork and surroundings can enhance and compliment each other. It is always a great challenge to observe and work towards a  balance , to make each other fit perfectly.

And that’s enough words, I would like to communicate with my artworks, and would like to invite you over to the gallery pages to see and experience for yourself! If you are interested in a live viewing please do contact us by email, you’re welcome to visit our art house rich with art!